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Our auditing algorithms have been battle tested through 10 years of reporting on millions of websites and are constantly being updated.

We use advanced Javascript rendering technology. Each website is loaded in a browser in the cloud so we can perform a realistic analysis.

White Label SEO Reports can be branded and downloaded to PDF.

You can generate SEO leads by Embedding an Audit Form onto your own site.

Why use SEOptimer’s Audit Tool?

Improve a Site’s SEO Rankings

Is your site not getting the rankings and search traffic it deserves?

Many sites have simple things that are holding back their ranking potential that SEOptimer can point out.

We’ve curated over 100 comprehensive website checks from studying a decade of SEO research and advice from experts.

With each SEO Audit you’ll get insights on your website’s On-Page SEO, Rankings, Backlink Profile, Mobile Usability, Performance, and more.

Generate Leads for your Agency

Do you work on client’s websites as a marketer, freelancer or agency? This is the tool for you.

Audits make great conversation starters with prospects by highlighting deficits within their site that your services can improve.

Send branded PDF reports with relevant information that inspires action.

What’s in the report?

On-Page SEO

Simple content and HTML improvements on a website are the starting point for any SEO success.

We’ll check every aspect of your website’s On-Page SEO including header tag usage, keyword consistency and distribution, image alt attributes, canonical tags, and much more.

Don’t get left in the dark, our SEO Audit tool also provides pointers and guides on how to fix these issues for your specific CRM.

Search Engine Accessibility

A vital aspect of a page’s ranking ability is ensuring that it can actually be accessed easily by search engines.

We’ll look for intentional signals like noindex tags that could cause Search Engines to ignore your site’s pages entirely.

Keyword Rankings

The goal of SEO is to improve search engine rankings to drive more traffic to your site.

Understanding your current keyword rankings is important to know where you stand before monitoring improvements.

With each SEO Audit, SEOptimer will show you a summary of your site’s ranking keywords by position, and their estimated search volumes and traffic.

Off-Page / Backlinks

Your site’s backlink profile has a disproportionate impact on your rankings, as search engines continue to use this as the primary factor in their search engine algorithms.

Our SEO Audit tool instantly shows your critical metrics such as total backlinks, referring domains and Domain Authority, as well as a sample of your most valuable backlinks.

Device Responsiveness, PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals

Mobile usability is more important than ever. Google has moved to mobile first indexing, reflecting the reality that the majority of searches are now coming from mobile.

SEOptimer’s SEO Audit shows you how your site renders on mobile and tablet. We’ll also show you your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores instantly, as well as a number of other device specific checks.

Page Size & Load Speed

Page load experience can directly impact your rankings.

Search engines monitor whether users decide to stay on your site, and if the loading experience is bad, this can send them packing quickly.

We’ll show you all the critical metrics, exactly as a user would experience them, with pass and fail benchmarks, so you can take action.

Social Media Elements

Social Media isn’t SEO, but it’s important none-the-less so that customers can get easy access to your business’s entire online profile.

You’ll get a high level summary of your site’s integration with popular social media platforms including links to a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as important website social information such as Facebook Pixel, Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards.

Local SEO Basics

Local SEO is rapidly growing in importance for brick and mortar businesses.

We look at all of the basics such as the presence of your Google Business Profile and accurate business contact details.

Site’s Technology Stack

Want to know what your competitors are using to build their site?

SEOptimer’s SEO Audit tool also checks the CRM, software and coding libraries that are being used on any page.

Prioritised List of Issues and Recommendations

Each audit report includes recommendations on how you can improve your website’s rankings and SEO, organized by priority so you know what to focus on first.

Want more? Check out these advanced features

White Label PDFs

Configure multiple report layouts with different branding, colors, languages and checks to use quickly and interchangeably.

Add Competitors

Instantly evaluate competitor's web-pages alongside a prospects site, and include their results in-line in the Report.

Target Keywords

Evaluate the optimization of a website against specific keywords you would like it to rank for.

Scheduling Reports

Reports can be scheduled for email delivery to run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or any custom time range

What makes SEOptimer’s Audit Tool better than the rest?

Advanced Javascript Crawling Technology

Unlike many other tools that may only crawl your website’s HTML using a bot, SEOptimer loads each site in an actual web browser.

This gives our software the ability to see dynamic content and scripts that other tools will miss, and allows us to gather more realistic metrics a user would experience like page load speed.

Additionally, this replicates the way most modern search engines now also crawl websites.

Optimized for Performance

We optimize for performance in every line of code we write.

We know that being able to run an audit instantly in front of a prospect can help you win their business.

Our SEO Audit report is designed to load in 20 seconds for most websites, and up to a minute for larger sites.

Detailed Guides and Recommendations

Each check in our SEO Audit tool features a clickable snippet of text explaining the concept in greater detail so that you can have a better understanding of search engine optimization best practices and terminology.

We also link to our range of hundreds of articles covering SEO and marketing agency basics.

Works with all the major CMS platforms

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